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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dear YODEL (previsouly the Home Delivery Network)...

Your complaints form only allows for 1500 characters so my complaint was not sent.

1500 characters is nowhere near enough space to fully document the catalogue of incompetence I would like to discuss with you, so I will have to post it all here on the web and send you the link.

We ordered an item from the Early learning Centre. We were out when it was delivered so a YODEL delivery card was left.

PARCEL NUMBER: 2899494451047350

We called YODEL and re-arranged a delivery for Friday the 2nd December. I was going to stay in all day, so wanted to check it would definitely be delivered. I was assured it would be delivered Friday.

I stayed in all day Friday and nothing was delivered.

So I called up YODEL again on Friday afternoon and the person on the phone said they would re-arrange the delivery for Monday.

Will it definitely be delivered Monday? I asked.
I was told yes.

So I stayed in all Monday.

Nothing arrived.

So I called up on Tuesday morning and kept getting the automated service so I looked on the website for who to call.

The website says "If your tracking number has 8, 13 or 16 digits, please give us a call on 0871 244 0525"

So I called that number and it asked me to put in an 8 digit number and it would not accept the beginning or the end of my 16 digit number.

So I got through to an adviser and they said I had called the wrong number, despite what the website said.

They could not find me on their YODEL system and said there are two different parts of the company and they have no way of checking the other system.

So they gave me another number to ring. I finally got through to someone on that line and was immediately told that this was the wrong number and was sent back to the other number.

When I got back through to someone on there I was given a new completely different number to ring and that person eventually found my parcel and said it would definitely be delivered on the Wednesday (which is tomorrow).

They explained the Monday delivery slot was missed because the request was made after 4pm.


1) We obviously phoned after 4pm because we were under the delusion that the parcel would be delivered before then, on that Friday, having been told it would be by YODEL.

2) We should not have been assured by the YODEL adviser that the parcel would definitely be delivered Monday if that was not possible

3) As the slot obviously was missed, why were we not contacted on Monday and a new delivery arranged for Tuesday rather than us having to phone up and chase the delivery and have it pushed back to Wednesday?

I will send a copy of this letter to the Early Learning Centre and I hope they will consider changing delivery couriers, as we order a lot from them and I don't want to go through this stupid farce again.

I have had other problems with past deliveries by the Home Delivery Network. You have spent a shed load of money re-branding yourself as YODEL, but you're service still seems to be as crap as it ever was. Would it not have been better to spend the money on becoming not crap? Just a thought.