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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Time waits for no man

In a dream last night, a man asked me what time it was and I showed him my watch, which said it was 2:10AM. I woke up a few minutes later and wondered how accurate the watch in my dream had been. Turning to the bedside alarm clock, I saw that indeed, very spookily, it was exactly 2:10AM*

(* For anyone floating in a small boat halfway between Reykjavik and Nuuk)

A while after writing that, I realised that my Reykjavik/Nuuk reference hadn't taken into account BST (British Summer Time). The clock had actually said 3:23AM and so a clock showing 2:10AM GMT would be much closer to home than Iceland or Greenland. Knock off one hour for BST and allow for about 3 minutes of dream time before I woke up and the time lands up at 2:20AM. And, what would you know? I have just checked and discovered that the bedside clock is indeed 10 minutes fast.

So the watch in my dream was spot on, but for GMT, not BST.

Okay, so more fudge than a Devon-Cornwall road-trip, but I am going with it... step aside Derren Brown.

What this does tell me is that not only is my body clock far more accurate than the bedside alarm clock, but that my body clock is still running on GMT and has not adjusted to BST even after two months.

That explains a lot.


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