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Saturday, 22 October 2005

Maspalomas diary 09 - Departure

The day to leave has arrived.

We have had a fantastic time, but we are ready to leave now. A decent cup of tea is calling us from afar.

A Union Jack Towel is hanging over the balcony opposite ours. A small piece of resistance to the German invasion. Though this flag also has been tainted with the word 'Arsenal' so I can only assume there are some Burberry items looming within the apartment. I am happy to stay incognito rather than align myself with the yob herd.

The Hotel manager still thinks I'm German and says Guten tag to me at breakfast.

We pay to extend our room. You're supposed to check out by 12:00 but our flight isn't until 2:30 am on Sunday.

We visit the local shopping arcade. Hayley falls in love with a whisk and egg timer with chickens feet and a beak so I buy them for her. We buy four other small gifts for people at home.

Hayley spots some large trampolines and fancies a go. I would, but my sunburn is advising against it, so I sit and watch.

We fly back into the UK at 6:30 am. It is very cold and dark. The biggest news seems to be a dead parrot that might have bird flu... (oh, and some riots in Birmingham.)

I check the phone messages. A strange woman's voice I do not recognise comes on.

"Hello, it's me, I won't be popping over just yet as I forgot about some stewing steak I had and I've only just got it out. See you soon, bye."

Yep, we're definitely home.


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