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Wednesday, 19 October 2005

Maspalomas diary 06 - Steps in the right direction

Another day on the beach soaking up the sun and wandering across the endless dunes. Not trying to rub it in, it's just what happened.

Speaking of rubbing it in... spray on sun cream, best invention mankind has ever come up with. I can't stand that whole greasy self-basting ritual applying the sand-glue.

The courtesy bus did us the discourtesy of not showing up so we had to walk back. My legs didn't go a bundle on that.

When we get back we bump into a new German family that have just arrived. Out of all the 95% of Germans patrolling the camp, they bump into one of the few Brits.

"Sprechen Sie Deutchse?" he asks.
"Nein, English," I reply.
He hesitates but I beckon them to follow me to the pool. I look at his room number and then tell them "Gehen sie Uber (pointing to the pool) and gehen sie um die ecke, links."

It is basically the directions they need, but he is still looking hesitant. A fellow German walks past and he seeks the help of his countryman. Fair enough. I chuckle and walk off.

Back in our bedroom I am walking around and hobbling around like an old man. My legs are aching and the sunburn leaves me feeling stiff.

As I hobble around I notice that the gap from right step to left is longer and more awkward than from left to right. It's almost as if my left foot is learning to walk from the right and so taking slightly longer as it learns.

I discover that my sandals have bitten a chunk out of my ankle and the beach has kindly filled it with sand.


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